Jeep consistently delivers popular vehicles to the market. The Jeep Cherokee gets high marks among SUV consumers. Scores of unique features allow the Cherokee to receive good grades. The interior features, in particular, appeal strongly to drivers.

People love to drive and ride in comfort. An SUV's seats play a big part in the comfort equation. The Jeep Cherokee definitely provides excellent seating. The seats also present aesthetic options. Buyers have four different options for seat styles. Select the preferable materials and fabrics along with their colors.

The vehicle's 4G wi-fi hotspot ranks among the most innovative and intriguing interior features. People rely on wi-fi a lot now. Thanks to the built-in hotspot, passengers can connect without any troubles. The range extends to 50 feet from the vehicle, so the access is generous.

The fantastic interior features may be best appreciated through a test drive in Barrie, ON. At Barrie Chrysler Dodge Jeep & RAM, pick a Jeep Cherokee out and go on that test drive.