Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk-Built for Snow

When considering a winter vehicle for Canadian winter, you need more than just snow tires and heated seats. What you need is the reliability to start on even the coldest of mornings and a vehicle that’s capable of handling any type of winter weather. Meet the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

The Cherokee can be equipped with comfort features the Cold Weather Group, which includes heated seats, heated steering wheel, windshield wiper de-icers and remote start.

The Jeep Active Drive II 4WD system takes 4WD to the next level. With the selectable terrain system in snow mode, your Jeep will distribute power to the wheels at 60% front and 40% rear. The extra 20% at the front is better for grip due to the weight of the engine pushing the front wheels down. The system will also start your Cherokee in second gear from a stop to prevent spinning.

Finally, the Trailhawk's 2 engine choices are both powerful and compact. Less weight means shorter stopping distances, which is just as important as forward traction.

This and much more is what makes the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk!