Cosmetic Rust Warranty

Cosmetic Rust Warranty

The Cosmetic Rust Warranty is automatically applied with the purchase and application of both the Tricare Electromagnetic Corrosion Protection Module (TC-3000 or BHP-5000) and Xzion Paint Protection.

What our warranty includes: Tricare warrants vehicles 3 model years old or newer for a period of up to 10 years against surface rust or paint bubbling on the outside painted portion of the body panels as listed:

  • Door Panels
  • Rear Quarter Panels
  • Front Fenders
  • Roof & Trunk lid
  • Engine Hood

Tricare defines cosmetic rust as surface rust damage where the surface is at least 2 centimeters in diameter or larger.

Tricare defines paint bubbling as a paint bubble on the outside painted areas of the body panels as listed above, where no bare metal or surface rust is showing and the paint is not borken, worn off, chipped, split, or missing.