Collision Experts & Solutions

Authentic Collision Repair Parts by Mopar are the only parts designed and engineered exclusively for Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep® and Ram vehicles. They preserve the integrity of your vehicle and keep it looking and performing as it should. That’s why, if you’re in a collision, you should insist on Collision Repair Parts by Mopar. They’re the same parts and components used at the factory to build your vehicle. It’s a difference you can see.

They install with a precise, good-as-new fit.

Eliminate odd gaps, mismatched or slightly “off” alignments.Utilize the same quality materials, paints and coatings to match your vehicle.Maintain the same level of corrosion protection as your vehicle did when it was new.

Generic aftermarket parts often can’t match Mopar’s precision. In fact, studies show that generic parts deviate considerably in their accuracy of fit, due to dimensional variance, and that as many as four out of five non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) aftermarket crash parts are inferior to OEM parts.**

Keeping your vehicle like new

Keeping your vehicle “like new” helps ensure you’ll get the greatest return on your investment at the time of resale. Also, if you lease your vehicle, you’ll be expected to return it “up to standard,” otherwise, you may be required to pay additional termination charges. Authentic Collision Repair Parts by Mopar help protect you and your investment, and help minimize the possibility that your vehicle will lose some of its value unnecessarily.