Jumping a curb. Going through a large pothole. Getting a nail in your tire. These are all road hazards that can harm your Chrysler sedan, minivan, or SUV. Any one of these can flatten your tire or bend the wheel trim to stop your vehicle in the middle of somewhere.

There's a way to take care of these situations quickly and without a large sum of money. It's Mopar's Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection. A zero-deductible plan, it covers more than just towing. Repairs to original and after-market parts are free. So is mounting and balancing of the tires. They'll even replace the tire pressure monitoring sensor if it's broken.

In the end, the return on investment of this package is much greater than the initial cost. Learn more by contacting a representative from your dealership's service center. They'll get you started on the path to making your vehicle easier to maintain.