Why Buy Winter Tires

3 Reasons You need Winter Tires This Season

1. You Live in Canada

Winter in Canada can bring lots of fun such as hockey, hot chocolate and skating. As many of us know, winter can also bring unpredictable road conditions. Installing snow tires on your vehicle is the safest practice when driving in winter.

Snow tires are made with a rubber compound that does not lose its flexibility below 7°. Winter tires must be able to move and flex in order for the tread to do its job. Unlike all-season tires, the rubber compound in winter tires adapt to colder temperatures and maintain their flex functionality with the temperature drop.

Winter tires are a must-have for anyone who lives in an area that will reach below 0° temperatures in the winter months. You don’t want to be caught in snowy, and unpredictable conditions without proper tires on your vehicle.

2. You Drive to Work

Once December weather rolls around, all-season tires just don’t cut it anymore. Winter tires are designed to work best below 7° as they maintain their flexibility in low temperatures. All-season tires aren’t designed to preform adequately in colder weather. Once it hits 7°, the rubber compound in all-season tires gets cold, hard and slippery making a dangerous situation for driving.

Winter tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that is designed to conquer icy road conditions. The tread channels water out from under the tire’s footprint, bites into the ice and snow and then pushes the material away for superior traction.

If you drive to work, or travel often it is safer for both you and your passengers to be equipped with winter tires.

3. Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies in Ontario offer discounts to people who install snow tires on their vehicles during the winter months. It’s about safety. You are classified as a safer driver if your vehicle has snow tires when the temperature drops.

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