What Happens When You Hit a Pothole?

One of the unfortunate facts about paved or cemented roads is that they develop potholes over time. Potholes are a natural occurrence brought on by water in one form or another. When you hit one, you may damage a tire, wheel, or suspension system part. Repairs for those incidents can run into significant money.

The answer to this dilemma is the Mopar Vehicle Prevention Plan that includes Road Hazard repair. Whether you are driving around Barrie, ON or on the highway, any tire or wheel damage caused by a pothole, crack, curb or any other road hazard is covered. Tires and wheels are repaired without cost to the owner. New air stems are installed, and tire pressure sensors are replaced free of charge.

You can sign up for the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan with Roadside assistance at Barrie Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram with a quick visit and sign up.

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